GenGAME Arcade World Championships

As part of the upcoming revamp of GenGAME, our first project involves a live local event in the Chicagoland area. In collaboration with the Underground Retrocade, we are proud to announce the first ever GenGAME Arcade World Championships.

Taking place on Saturday May 2nd from 11am until Midnight, the high-score tournament will consist of 8-classic Arcade and Pinball games across different genres and time periods. The 8-games will be revealed the morning of the tournament.


The Evolution of GenGAME: A Peak Into the Future

Back in October of last year I made a post indicating that GenGAME was closing its doors and it remained on the front page of the website for several months. After some lengthy discussion with some of the GenGAME team members, along with some detailed planning of some future projects I am working on, we decided to give GenGAME a reboot. We never fully relaunched the website, and we never formally announced any of our future plans. Instead, we just started to trickle out a few articles here and there, with the idea of keeping the front page active for the eventual full-blown relaunch of the website.


GenGAMEcast 067 for February 19, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast, watch host Kevin O’Rourke, along with George, Benny, and Sam, talk about HD Re-masters, Pokken Tournament, The Order 1886 and Peter Molyneux. All this plus the week in gaming news! This Week’s intro song can be found here and our outro song here. Jump past the break to watch this week’s show.


GenTEN: The Best Nintendo Wii U Games

It has been over two years since the launch of the Nintendo Wii U and it has been quite a bumpy ride for the Big N. It took quite awhile for the console to gain any traction, but after a very slow start, a slew of decent games started to pile in. I myself picked up a Nintendo Wii U at launch and have played the majority of the hit titles on the system, some more than others. Here is my list of what I think are the 10 best Nintendo Wii U titles to date.


GenGAMEcast 065 for February 05, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast, Trevor has been replaced by a brand new host. Join Kevin O’Rourke, along with George, Sam, and Benny as they talk about the week in gaming news. This Week’s intro song can be found here and our outro song here. Jump past the break to watch this week’s show.


GenGAME Says: Will You Be Buying a ‘New Nintendo 3DS’

We are just a few weeks away from the release of the New Nintendo 3DS, set for release on February 13th. While we know a lot about the upgrades features, at the moment there is not a single game that is set to release exclusively for the upgraded console. All currently announced 3DS titles will still be playable on the current Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. This begs the question, is it worth the purchase? This week the GenGAME staff answers the question as to whether or not each of us will make the splash and purchase the New Nintendo 3DS.


GenGAMEcast 063 for January 22, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast Trevor is joined by co-host George Pekar and resident eSports aficionado Sam Korn to tackle the week in gaming news. Microsoft took the stage this week and showed us a world of holograms…and Windows 10. This Week’s intro song can be found here and our outro song here. Jump past the break to watch this week’s show.


GenGAMEcast 062 for January 15, 2015

This week on the GenGAMEcast we have a full house as Joe Conkling unexpectedly drops in to create the “Pentacast” with Sam Korn, Benny Girard, George Pekar and Trevor Magnani. Nintendo went ahead and laid out their spring lineup, the panel discusses their favorite parts of the event. Twitch showcases a library of music that seems to only interest Trevor and The PC gamers on the panel lament on the delay of GTA V’s PC release date. This Week’s intro song can be found here. Jump past the break to watch this week’s show.


Special Event: The Great Minecraft Build-off (2015 Season Application)

So, you think you’re good at building in Minecraft, huh? Do you think you’re good enough to compete in a building competition for prizes… in front of a live audience? Well you best prepare yourselves, because The Great Minecraft Build-off has returned! What is The Great Minecraft Build-off you say? It is a live-streamed Minecraft building competition where builders are given a topic for creation, and they only have a limited time to complete it. The winner after the time expires will move on to the next round in a tournament style contest.

We are currently looking for 16 qualified builders to compete in this special event for a chance at fame, glory, and fabulous prizes. Check out the full post after the jump to view the signup form and more information.