Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Review)

While it has been said, once you go to space, there is nowhere else you can go, Mario has found new ground in Galaxy 2. ¬†Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii has been thrown numerous perfect reviews, top remarks, and other awesome accolades. ¬†Mario Galaxy 2 as a whole is a superb game worthy of its $49.99 US retail price. ¬†There are some small issues with the game with camera controls but they don’t necessarily get in the way of the overall enjoyment of the game.

Head on past the break to find out if you should have already bought the game, or if you are going to run out and buy the game.


It’s a 3D Mario game, so everyone should know the drill: Find Stars, unlock more levels, find more stars, battle with Bowser, repeat. ¬†Like the original Mario Galaxy, Mario platforms on planets, asteroids, and other spherical (or not so spherical) objects. ¬†What differs in the formula this time is the hub-world that existed in Mario Galaxy 1 has been replaced by a world map in Galaxy 2. ¬†While this increases the simplicity of launching into levels, I feel that it minimizes the exploration aspect we have seen in previous 3D Mario games. I honestly feel that the new map based level selection is a major step backwards for the series–in their defense, Nintendo did make the game much more accessible and faster to navigate.. Don’t fear Galaxy 1 fans, Starship Mario serves as a sandbox to try out all of Mario’s new tricks and abilities.

Speaking of new abilities, Mario has a new arsenal of powerups from drilling, to cloud creation, and even the ability to turn into a rolling rock. All of the powerups return from Galaxy 1 such as the bee suit, fire flower and life mushrooms. Yoshi makes his way into Galaxy 2 as well (duh), and has his own set of powerups, from blimp-fruits that make him float, peppers that make him run fast, and glow-fruits to light up invisible platforms. ¬†At no point during my run-through the game did the power-ups feel gimmicky–except for the glow-fruit for Yoshi.

As the game starts, they ween you out of 2D side scrolling into full 3D little by little. Galaxy 2 features 120 stars to capture through 7 worlds. The many different galaxies in Galaxy 2 are uniquely designed, and offer a great deal of depth. There are many additional items to collect in this game from comet coins located in every galaxy, to an additional 120 green stars to collect once you collect the first 120.  In addition, Mario Galaxy 2 gives you your completion time for every level, as well as access to developer speedruns of levels.


Mario moves with relative ease in the complicated worlds rendered by Super Mario Galaxy 2. ¬†The only complaint I have with the control scheme is that camera controls are a little akward. just to quickly run through the control layout: control stick (on the nunchuck) moves mario, Z is to crouch, C centers the camera behind mario, A is to jump, B (while pointing at the screen with the remote) shoots star bits or shoots Yoshi’s tongue, the D-pad on the Wii Remote unreliably controls the camera, and toggles the first person perspective and finally the 1 and 2 buttons do absolutely nothing–which is good because they are awkward enough to press while holding the remote and nunchuck.


Once again, it’s a Mario game, and like all most¬†mario games, Princess Peach gets nabbed by Bowser and his minions, and it’s up to Mario to rescue her. ¬†Nothing groundbreaking here, so lets move right along.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 has so much to do, but when repeating the same levels over and over the original charm seems to stay intact.  This may possibly be one of the defining games for this console generation.

The Bottom Line:

If you have even thought of playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, you should buy this game, it is one of the few games that will receive a rating this high, which is why we give Super Mario Galaxy 2 a 9.5 out of 10

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