Archive:  August 22nd, 2010

Review: Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies

By Brad Vanderhoef, August 22, 2010 0

So I remember about a month ago I got my hands on Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS. I logged a bunch of hours into this game trying out every little aspect of the game I could to get the full feel of this wonderful title.

Might I say before I go on that this title really brought a lot of neat elements to the table. The story was pretty good but what really got me were all of the extra things in this game you could do. From side quests and extra dungeons to dungeon delving and playing with your friends helping each other out.

Even with the feel of the traditional turn based RPG this game delivers on content and quite an interesting story to boot. The depth of the character customization was a pretty neat add on to the game making every character you play as your own unique creation.

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