February 2011

Beta Watch: Battlefield Play4Free

What happens when you combine the classic encounters of Battlefield 2, the weapons and graphics of Battlefield Bad Company 2, and the RPG elements of Battlefield Heroes? ¬†Battlefield Play4Free, a new game announced on the EA Battlefield Blog. Unique about the new Battlefield game is having the ability to drill down what you want your… Read more »

New Pokemon DSi To Remind You To Buy a 3DS

Well, if you live under a rock you might not have seen the slew of unboxing videos from new 3DS owners in Japan, but it’s official, the portable era of 3D has begun. Before we say so long to the original DS in North America we have one final special edition DSi bundle to launch… Read more »

3DS Initially Did Not Have Gyroscope, 3D

In a story picked up from Zelda Temple which more or less was a quote from Hideki Konno, we learn that the 3DS initially was just a revamped DS Lite. It would not be until a year after development started did they add the 3D screen and gyroscope. Here are some select lines, for the… Read more »


25 Years of Zelda (Video)

Yep, it’s no doubt that everyone loves Zelda. And GenGAME is a collection of some very big Zelda fans so when something like this graces the Internet, we’ll definitely be one of the many to include this. In short, this video is a speed drawing of the most epic of all epic Zelda drawings I… Read more »

New Battlefield 3 Footage

Hot off the editing floor from EA/DICE is some really stellar looking footage from Battlefield 3.  While personally I have lost faith in the battlefield series since the abysmal release of 2142, Battlefield 3 is shaping up to get back to what made Battlefield 2 great. Check out the video after the break:


Consoles Through the Ages

First, before I start off on my information talk about consoles, let me take the time to say that this is post 101 at gengame.net. So thanks to all of the fans who follow everything that we do, and some of the fans that aren’t even fans yet but might know it, or very well… Read more »

First Look: Dead Space 2

So I managed to get my hands on some Dead Space 2 play time up here which I was quite excited about. I knew the first game was quite the success and I played a little bit of it. So I dived into this game to see what it had to offer me. If you… Read more »

Open Entry: Call of Duty Black Ops Tournament

This is a special double announcement from our live team.¬† Part 1: We are partnering with CrosseyedArena.com to bring you a free-entry, cash prize Call of Duty Black Ops tournament. Part 2: we are bringing the tournament to you Live only at genGAME.net/live.¬† Coverage starts at 8:30 Eastern Time with the opening round of action… Read more »

Commentary: No More “Heros”

It all started with a simulated dream–to be a rockstar without becoming one. ¬†A dreamthat would end up being crushed by financial hardship and falling interest.¬† Activision recently announced the discontinuation of Guitar Hero as well as the newly launched DJ Hero series.¬† What has caused this to happen? What will become of the music… Read more »