Open Entry: Call of Duty Black Ops Tournament

This is a special double announcement from our live team.  Part 1: We are partnering with to bring you a free-entry, cash prize Call of Duty Black Ops tournament. Part 2: we are bringing the tournament to you Live only at  Coverage starts at 8:30 Eastern Time with the opening round of action kicking off at 9.

Head on past the break to see the round breakdown

Friday Night (Pre tourney coverage starts at 8:30)
Round # Round Start Time
1 9:00 pm
2 10:00 pm
3 11:00pm
Saturday Night (Wrap-up show starts at 8:30)
4 9:00 pm
5 (Semi-Final) 10:00 pm
6 (Finals) 11:00pm

Commentary will be provided by Trevor (atthemags) and Joe (That Guy)