Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nintendo 3DS (Review)

So, it’s finally here, the true followup to Nintendo’s wildly anticipated DS has arrived and is now available worldwide.¬† With arguably the strongest lineup of games available for the system at launch, does the 3DS have what it takes to win your money now? Or should you wait for the first revision?¬† The answer lies… Read more »


GenTEN List: Top 10 Best Zelda Games

It’s no secret that everyone loves The Legend of Zelda. GenGAME is a prime example of people that love the series. If you didn’t catch our Zelda marathon then first of all shame on you; but secondly if you did see it then you would note the passion we have for these games. This time… Read more »


GenTEN List: Top 10 Worst Zelda Games

It’s no secret that there were a collection of bad Zelda games. If you know what a CDi is, then you’ll definitely know the worst of the worst games that bear the Zelda name. So rather than beat around the bush, we present to you the from 10-1 (Least worse-Most worse) Legend of Zelda games:

Torchlight (Review)

From the makers of Diablo and FATE, comes a dungeon crawler RPG for the Xbox live arcade. Featuring 3 classes; A dungeon generator that makes each time through a unique experience, an “endless dungeon” and retirement feature to give you plenty of options for¬†re-playability. Story The story for Torchlight is pretty simple, and is roughly… Read more »