Saturday, April 16, 2011

12 Minutes of Pure Battlefield 3 Gameplay!

This is a more of EA stringing together the previously released clips of pre-alpha Battlefield 3 gameplay, but shows off what the Frostbite 2 engine can really do.¬† It’s easy to see why this is pre-alpha, as some of the animations are clearly not there yet (see mounted machine gun at the end), but from… Read more »

How Close Are We To Releasing Portal 2?

As of right now it seems that Valve’s campaign to release Portal 2 early will be successful. But by how early is the question. According to some savvy quick math skills it seems as if Portal can be released at 12pm on Monday April 18th at the earliest. But this does not mean that it… Read more »

Best Buy Selling Wii for 169.99

Well, now we can call it official: Best Buy is now selling the Wii for 169.99…right now.¬† So you can take advantage of this pre-E3 price drop right this second, or wait till tomorrow and pick it up at your local Best Buy store.¬† We just spied this on Best Buy’s website, and it looks… Read more »