Archive:  April 17th, 2011

Official: Target Cuts Wii Price to $169.99

By George Pekar, April 17, 2011 0

We can now confirm the leak, as we spied these signs hanging in the open at our local Target store. Maybe the early activation of this price cut is in response to the Best Buy posting? Either way, non-Wii owners now have an even cheaper barrier to entry.

Target has officially cut the price of the Nintendo Wii to $169.99. No speculation, no rumors, but fact. This essentially wraps up a wild weekend for Nintendo. This price change has now overshadowed the Gears Of War 3 Beta, as well as the Portal 2 release. This is big news. And as you may already know this means that a “Wii 2″ must be on the way within the next year. We will find out very soon at E3 in June. The future of gaming is here, and it looks pretty spectacular. If all of the rumors of a new console are true, there will certainly be a new sheriff in town when it comes to gaming. Nintendo looks like it may be taking over once again.

What Platform for Portal 2?

By Kyle Wrigley, April 17, 2011 6

I’ve been going over this in my head for the past several days, I own/have access to 360/PS3/PC. What system should I get Portal 2 for? (Here’s a spoiler, PS3′s out)

Here’s the list I’ve made so far:

  • STEAM:

    1. Pre-loading, install the game so it’s ready to go the second it’s officially released
    2. Digital Title, no going to store or waiting in line. If my computer dies I can easily re-install the game directly from Steam
    3. Cloud storage for save games.
    4. Mice are precise, a well known and documented fact

    1. No achievements, I’ve come to love that little bleep-bloop
    2. I only know 3 people on Steam, seriously limiting my pool of co-op partners.
    3. I’ll catch flack for this but I hate playing games on a keyboard, there’s just too many buttons to hit accidently.
  • Xbox 360:

    1. Achievements, while I don’t live my entire life around them, it doesn’t make sense to just pass them up when I’m going to play the game anyway
    2. ALL my friends (Including the 3 on Steam) have 360′s thus maximizing my number of potential co-op partners
    3. Get to play on a decent controller instead of a keyboard

    1. Physical disc, if I break it or lose it then I’m out of luck
    2. Analog sticks aren’t as precise as a mouse
    3. Have to preorder (stores near me acutally still sell out), then go to the store at midnight and wait in a line full of sweaty 12 year olds whose parents think they’re angels. By the time I get home I’m too tired to play
  • If it helps I dislike sweaty tweens more than I like achievements, but I also like having people to play with.
    So what’s the final verdict? You, the readers, decide in the comments and that’s what I’m getting.

    UPDATE: Steam it is!