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LIVE Cross Eyed Arena MW2 Throwback Tournament UPDATE

By Kevin O'Rourke, April 29, 2011 0

Update: We’re Finshed

Head on over to the live page and check out our exclusive coverage of the Cross Eyed Arena Modern Warfare 2 Throwback Tournament, or check it out here! Read More

Fallout: New Vegas, 1.3 Patch to be patched for 360

By Aaron Ludington, April 29, 2011 0

Fallout: New Vegas is commonly known to have been ridden with bugs(and not just Radroaches), but the 1.3 Patch has quiet a nasty one. The bug has been hitting 360 users with game freezes and unplayable save files. Even our own Kevin O’Rourke has felt the sting of the patch.

Kevin has this to say:

“It’s unfortunate that the patch for Fallout New Vegas has broken the game. As of now I cannot load any saves and if I try to then my Xbox 360 crashes and the game freezes. I have not been able to play Fallout New Vegas which is a shame because I was just starting to enjoy the game but it looks like I’ll keep it on the shelf for a while. This setback makes me dislike Obsidian even more because in the past Bethesda has always been able to get patches to work. I’m not 100% sure if this is even Obsidian’s doing, but it doesn’t matter to me. As far as I’m concerned this is Obsidian’s fault for making the notoriously buggy game, even buggier”

A poster on the Fallout: New Vegas’ Official forum had similar comments:

“Great, get the day off, settled down in front of the Xbox to play New Vegas and guess what, it freezes. Thanks Bethesda!”

Bethesda Tweeted this in Repsonse:

“We’re aware some folks are having New Vegas save issues . We’re working with Microsoft on this and should have more information soon”

So a word of warning: Until further notice, do not accept the current update for Fallout:New Vegas for the 360.

Via: Eurogamer

New Need For Speed: The Run Teaser Released

By Trevor Magnani, April 29, 2011 0

This just dropped from the Need For Speed YouTube account; a new trailer showing off another entry in the newly re-invigorated Need For Speed series of games. This time it seems you’re not just in a fixed area, but appear to be progressing through a cross-country race. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Need for Speed, and the light is at the end of the tunnel. The trailer reveals a November 15th release date.¬† With a run time of a little over a minute, it’s worth your time to check it out.¬† We expect EA to make some noise about this game at E3 2011.

Source: NeedForSpeed

Sony Daily Wrap up – April 29th

By Trevor Magnani, April 29, 2011 2

Due to the overwhelming amount of breaking Sony/PSN/PS3 stories we’re changing to a daily post for updates on the PSN.¬† You can also reference the shiny new network status box on the right side of the page for quick updates on the status of all 4 major gaming networks.

The news surrounding Sony has been literally flooding our news feeds, so lets go over what we know. We know that Geohot was not responsible for the PSN hack (Spoiler: He’s boycotting Sony), Anonops has denied organizing the take-down.¬† Your credit card information is encrypted, and that was something every PSN user was waiting to hear confirmed, but Sony is still recommending that users monitor their accounts and keep track of their credit scores.¬† Commenting on Playstation Blogs is impossible at this point unless you still have a cookie from a previous session, and as those cookies expire (1 week) users will not be able to comment on posts, but Sony is promising to keep everyone up to date with the latest status updates.

We still don’t know who hacked PSN, where they hacked it from, why they hacked it, and most importantly how they hacked PSN.¬† Geohot posted on his blog a lengthy entry talking about the PSN breach, condemning the actions of this hacker, as well as speculating how the break-in happened.¬† Geohot believes that there was a misappropriation of trust between PSN servers and PSN clients, as there was only security measures between users and their PS3 (client).¬† You don’t need to be an information security expert to figure out what happened next.

In their best move since the PSN has gone down, Sony has released two Q&A posts, You can check out the highlights of the FAQ beyond the break along with links to all the sources: Read More