Nintendo Cuts Price of Wii to $169.99

The Nintendo Wii will be getting its price cut on Monday April 18th, 2011.

Over the past year, Wii sales have slowed considerably. Nintendo revealed earlier this year that it sold about 7 million consoles in the U.S. in 2010. It had sold more than 10 million units in 2008 and about 9 million units in 2009. The Wii has trailed the Xbox360 so far this year in overall sales. In February alone, Microsoft sold 535,000 Xbox360 consoles in the U.S., compared with Nintendo’s 454,000 Wii consoles sold overall. This does not mean Nintendo is losing the battle for most profit, as they do sell a lot more than just a Wii. This may be a factor leading to this price cut.

Nintendo cut the price of the Wii from $250 to $200 dollars last year (2010) and that certainly seemed to stabilize the number of consoles sold. Remember that even though the consoles sell for less, Nintendo still has the possibility for those owners to go out and purchase more games and accessories for them. With a price of $169 this may really encourage people to go out and grab one. The bundle includes a Black Nintendo Wii, WiiMote with Wii MotionPlus, nunchuk, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Sports. This deal really may be what Nintendo needs to sell another 8-10 million consoles this year.

With E3 coming up and rumors swirling of a new console could this really be true!? Is a Wii2 really in the near future? We here at GenGAME really hope so and it certainly looks like it.

“Of course, we cannot say [a Wii price cut] will never happen, but we are not thinking of it for the near future,” Satoru Iwata (Nintendo’s President and CEO) told the associated press in October. He also stated that the $200 bundles would be enough to improve sales.

One month after this was said, Nintendo launched a “Mario-red” Wii bundle. The bundle included a red Wii, Wii Remote Plus, Wii Sports, and a red nunchuk. It also came with Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports. Mr. Iwata was right when he said the $200 price drop would be enough to propel Nintendo to the top of console sales at the time; but now it seems that it must happen again.

(Ed Note: Joystiq, Kotaku, and many others have noted that this may be Target just emptying inventory. (like most retailers did with the older Wii systems that did not include Motion-Plus).  We will see if this is real on Monday! Until then, consider this rumor.)

We have a user from Cheep Ass Gamer who claims that this is legitimate.

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