May 2011

Xbox Live Marketplace Deals of the Week: May 31st

This week’s deals are all Rock Band 3 related with several song packs on sale from Ozzy to Judas Priest. Also hitting On-Demand today are 3 Kinect titles as well as Overlord II. These sales are 30% off, available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers and are good until June 6th.

Call of Duty Elite Subscription Service Confirmed by WSJ

If you remember the image to the left of this text but had no context to pit it in, prepare yourself.¬† From what we’re gathering, the service will offer enhanced stat tracking, and deep social networking aspects. Here are some chunks from the WSJ interview that we found particularly interesting: “Jamie Berger, Activision’s vice president… Read more »

Welcome To (GE)

It’s official, we’ve moved from our home on ¬†before we go into the cool new things we’re doing with our swanky new channel we would like to air a few grievences that we had with JTV that ultimately led us to a new platform. Advertisements We know that JTV needs to pay the bills… Read more »

Star Wars: The Old Republic- New Trooper Video

The swtor website dropped a new video today. This time it shows the progression of the Trooper class. The video shows off the Trooper’s prowess and even shows the Trooper taking on a Sith at the end. It will be interesting to see how the Trooper balances with the other classes in the game. Until… Read more »

Sony Details Identity Theft Offer For PSN and Qriocity Users

Sony just emailed it’s users the details for it’s identity protection offer.¬† Users who wish to opt into the protection (we recommend it) must submit their email address by June 28 2011 by 11:59:59 to receive All Clear ID Plus by Debix. Check out past the break to see the whole email.

Full Minecraft 1.6 Patch

  Today, darling indie game, Minecraft, received its 6th major title update since hitting Beta status earlier this year. While a few new features were included to extend the games playing options, most of the work is behind the scenes bug fixes. The patch includes over 100 bug fixes for single and multiplayer versions of… Read more »

Sony Estimates 171 Million Dollar Loss due to PSN Hack

And this is the good news. ¬†The worse news is that Sony is projecting an overall 3.2 billion dollar loss. ¬†Most of the issues causing Sony to sieve so much money are directly related to the massive earthquakes and devastating tsunami. ¬†If Engadget’s math is to be trusted, the 171 million dollar loss from PSN… Read more »

Sonic Generations Coming to Nintendo 3DS

  Sonic Generations is now confirmed as a new 3DS title thanks to an upcoming cover of Nintendo Power. According to Nintendo Power we do finally get to see our favorite blue blur in 3D.¬†Other than this, no other details have been leaked but we hope to hear more about it at E3 next month…. Read more »

Second Chance to Buy BlizzCon Tickets Tonight

  Did you miss your chance to buy BlizzCon tickets during the last sale? Well you’re in luck! The second batch has arrived, and will be going on sale tonight on the official BlizzCon website. The tickets will go up for sale at 7.00pm PST/10.00pm EST for $175 each. Expect them to go very quickly.¬†The… Read more »

Xbox Live Marketplace Deals of the Week May 24th

This week its a Bethsda bonaza of deals on DLC for the games Fallout 3 and Oblivion. There are also 3 new games available for On-Demand, with 2 of them being the first Kinect games to hit On-Demand. All sales are 50% off, available only to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers, and are good until May… Read more »

Duke Nukem Forever Goes Gold

Way back in January, the Duke Nukem trailer was teased by Gearbox Software. Now the fabled promise of a June 14th 2011 release date is even more solidified. Via engadget, we’ve learned that Duke Nukem Forever is in production and hard copies of the game are being made. Here is the press release that dropped… Read more »