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BIC Flex4 FFA Halo: Reach Tournament Spotlight

By Kevin O'Rourke, May 1, 2011 0

On Saturday April 30th 2011, the BIC Flex4 Tournament kicked off at noon (EST) and featured the first round of Halo: Reach combatants. The second round was at 3 PM and hosted the remaining winners that advanced through the first round. The tournament is packed with Reach players who are armed to the teeth with DMR’s and ready to climb through the heats and make it to that eventual round 7. Of those players we’re dedicating some special recognition to local player T.J. Mero. Thomas Joseph Mero is from Long Island NY and has been playing Halo: Reach since day 1. He is a highly competitive gamer who may not know much about the Halo story but he knows his way around the game and the videos show it. In the first round of the tournament at 2:15 PM T.J. took the first round ahead all of the other competitors, and strung together a 4th place finish on the second match. This qualified him to advance where we’ll see him take on the others who advanced through the heats. We’ll be giving you more updates as we go on T.J. and will be posting his videos and everyone at GenGAME hopes to see him take the tournament all the way the first prize which is a trip to an upcoming 2011 MLG Pro Circuit Competition. When asked about the match today T.J. humbly said:

I have the first round where I came in first and the second round where I came in fourth but I still advanced. I’ll have the third round tomorrow and I have a hard bracket.

He continued to say:
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Weekly Update: Brink

By Aaron Ludington, May 1, 2011 0

Over the past week Bethesda have been releasing a series of tutorial videos for their upcoming game Brink. The video’s aptly named Get SMART videos go through the core mechanic’s of the game.

This First Video goes over a rough overview of the game.

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Sony Announces PSN to be Restored This Week!

By Trevor Magnani, May 1, 2011 0

Finally some Sony/PSN news worth talking about. Sony announced via press conference minutes ago that PSN will be back up worldwide this week! Excited fan boys everywhere cry out in rejoice as your torment comes to an end! The official press release follows, the same press release was sent out on both the US and the EU PlayStation Blogs.

Phased Global Rollout of Services to Begin Regionally;
System Security Enhanced to Provide Greater Protection of Personal Information
Tokyo, May 1, 2011 – Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) announced they will shortly begin a phased restoration by region of PlayStation®Network and Qriocity™ services, beginning with gaming, music and video services to be turned on. The company also announced both a series of immediate steps to enhance security across the network and a new customer appreciation program to thank its customers for their patience and loyalty.
Following a criminal cyber-attack on the company’s data-center located in San Diego, California, U.S.A., SNEI quickly turned off the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services, engaged multiple expert information security firms over the course of several days and conducted an extensive audit of the system. Since then, the company has implemented a variety of new security measures to provide greater protection of personal information. SNEI and its third-party experts have conducted extensive tests to verify the security strength of the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. With these measures in place, SCE and SNEI plan to start a phased rollout by region of the services shortly. The initial phase of the rollout will include, but is not limited to, the following: Read More