Sunday, May 1, 2011

BIC Flex4 FFA Halo: Reach Tournament Spotlight

On Saturday April 30th 2011, the BIC Flex4 Tournament kicked off at noon (EST) and featured the first round of Halo: Reach combatants. The second round was at 3 PM and hosted the remaining winners that advanced through the first round. The tournament is packed with Reach players who are armed to the teeth with… Read more »

Weekly Update: Brink

Over the past week Bethesda have been releasing a series of tutorial videos for their upcoming game Brink. The video’s aptly named Get SMART videos go through the core mechanic’s of the game. This First Video goes over a rough overview of the game.

Sony Announces PSN to be Restored This Week!

Finally some Sony/PSN news worth talking about. Sony announced via press conference minutes ago that PSN will be back up worldwide this week! Excited fan boys everywhere cry out in rejoice as your torment comes to an end! The official press release follows, the same press release was sent out on both the US and… Read more »