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Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten – New Trailer, New Details, September Release

By Edward Biot, May 15, 2011 0


Hey all you strategy RPG fans out there. One of the best franchises of the genre is getting ready to release its not so long awaited fourth installment for the PlayStation 3. For those of you familiar with the series you already know that Disgaea is one of the most over the top games on the market today and from the details released so far, this latest sequel does not disappoint the many fans the franchise has already built up. A new trailer was recently revealed for Digaea 4: A promise Unforgotten and it shows off some pretty awesome features we’ve come to expect, and some new ones I’m pretty surprised about. I’m going to list them in order of their mention in the video.

#1 Р“Mega damage and ultra -high stats!”, one thing Disgaea is known for is over the top, crazy battles boasting things such as “level 9999? 100,000,000 damage? No problem.”

#2 – “Outrageous game play!”, from what the video shows, Disgaea’s famous lift and throw system is back and better than ever allowing some crazy battle changing strategies to unfold.

#3 – “Make your manliest fantasy come true!”, your can now wield your monsters as weapons and beyond that, they can unite on the battlefield to form even larger creatures.

#4 – “Clean and prosperous nation!”, from the trailer, Disgaea 4 will now feature a conquest of sorts allowing you to take over, change, and rule the world around you, fighting off those who invade and commanding forces to act in your stead.

#5 – “The world’s most cost efficient performance!*”, Disgaea 4 promises completely random dungeon layouts so you can play over and over for hours on end without running into monotony.
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PSN Restoration Map 05:03amPST

By Kyle Wrigley, May 15, 2011 Comments Off

UPDATE: That’s it, PSN access is officially restored throughout the entire US and Canada.

Please note that these services will take a bit of time to be turned on and rolled out to the whole country. The process has begun and some states are being turned on now, so please be patient as we reach your city and state. We’ll be updating the map below as service comes online in individual states. It will take several hours to restore PSN throughout the entire country, so please keep checking back for the latest updates. In the meantime, now’s a great time to get your PS3’s firmware updated, which is required to get online. РPlayStation Blog


This map will be updated live as PSN rolls out. Check back often for the latest updates. Map updated 12:03am Pacific


A 3DS Perspective

By Logan "Lex" Megahan, May 15, 2011 0

I was one of the many that stood in line on March 26th, awaiting the midnight call. Like many, I had saved up money for some time to purchase a 3DS. Though I have yet to actually purchase a 3DS title, I have not grown tired of my portable entertainment device. I am still playing the games that were pre-installed to this day, and that’s just fine.

There’s something very rewarding about the Streetpass green light that comes on when you pass someone with a 3DS. It’s like a secret that you’re sharing with someone new, and you both have at least one common interest. Find Mii is especially rewarding because it levels up your frequent passersby up to level 7 and they help vanquish the ghosts that plague your kingdom. There is even the option to go through again and unlock more head accessories for your Mii to wear (or hats, so I’m told).

Face Raiders and AR Fishing are really something that have to be played in person to understand just how fun they are. The cameras on the outside of the 3DS take in the colors of your surrounding environment so it really gives you a sense that the games are really more than they appear.

Am I disappointed in the launch titles and they’re lack of appeal to me? Yes. Am I disappointed in the 3DS as a portable entertainment device? No. Gamers everywhere eagerly await the month of June, anticipating the unveiling of the 3DS Store and the release of the Ocarina of Time remake has us on edge!