Crysis 2

Crysis 2 (Review)

After Crysis 2 being out for a little while I was finally given an opportunity to play and review it for the 360 with the help of fellow writer, Jarvis Julien. For the first game being PC exclusive, it seems as though many people were looking forward to the second one coming to consoles. Crysis having an innovative playstyle of the nano-suit it allows for the player to think of more tactical way to handle a first person shooter. Believe us there was no shortage of more tactical ways to handle the game and the two of us were thrilled to review this game.

Crysis 2 now takes place in New York city, which is currently under attack from an unknown enemy. The game starts off with you taking control of a marine headed to help in the city when your ship gets attacked. You are then saved by Prophet from the first game and he gives you his suit and says that you are the last hope now because he became infected. The story was written quite nicely, as it has you travel New York City helping Marines, fighting the invasion, and figuring out everything that is going on. we felt no matter what they had us doing the story made so much sense and added what felt like an attachment to your character. Even more so because at one point you find out the your character is actually in really poor condition and is truly only living because of the suit keeping him alive. He isn’t some superhuman god running around that is unstoppable, when your suits energy depletes you really fall apart and need to be careful and stay alive, you can’t just truck through damage. The only thing we didn’t like was that it felt as though you were everybody lap dog, if somebody just randomly started talking to you, you instantly listened to them and performed all the objectives without question. This alone made us completely unsurprised when I betrayed and fooled by many NPC characters. All that aside though it was a storyline that kept us wanting more even after the satisfying ending.

I have to admit to really liking the gameplay style, having the nano suit and all its abilities really made this game have such a better feel to it. Instead of just thinking I was the biggest boss and picking up the biggest gun I found myself using a lot of tactical options that the suit allowed me to do. Being able to take stealth paths while cloaking to bypass or assassinate enemies to get to a unique route made me love it. Or even that you could go into armor mode to reduce fall damage or take a few good hits and get away, no matter any options I took I never got bored with the way everything could be done. For the most part all of the controls were fairly easy too. The controls fall under all of the general FPS controls, except your suit abilities were placed onto the two bumper buttons. However, this drove us insane though, grenades were usable but not to a bumper button. The grenades were set so if you double tapped the Y button then you take them out, but thats not the only problem, half of the times you double tapped the button it just switched weapons instead of going to grenades. ¬†This ultimately ended up with not using any grenades which we weren’t too happy with because there were situations that after a fight I thought to myself if I just used grenades things probably could have went a bit more smoothly.

The way this game looked was truly captivating. The people, the environment, even the weapons everything just added so much to the gameplay. I remember my father sitting next to me saying how amazing things looked and how in the game I was walking down streets that we have walked in real life. Everything was beautiful, from simple things like water and gardens to full fledged parks and buildings. As I moved around in the game dad and I would be like “the subway is exactly where it is supposed to be” and pick out every building we saw. Even the sparks from bullets colliding with armor looked good, all of the peoples faces, sunrise/sunset, weather, even subway systems everything I saw made it look so real.

Even on top of the visuals being beautiful the sound track just felt so perfect for the game. The music was so good and there was not a single spot in which i felt the sounds were bad, from firefights to walking to movie scenes the soundtrack was always something pleasant to hear in each moment.

The only thing the game I felt lost points to me was in the online multiplayer. It wasn’t bad at all–but to me it literally felt too much like Call of Duty, except for having cloak and armor. I enjoyed the multiplayer but only for so long until I had wanted to play CoD instead. Plus the guns online didn’t seem too great at all, it felt like every gun had barely any power and way too much recoil, and with that I still was completely annoyed by the grenades which was the double Y button, it was just too much effort especially if you needed to be fast paced. On top of those things no matter what it seemed as though everyone’s cloak was so much better than mine, where I could never see them but on the kill cams I would just say to myself “well that’s clearly where I am”. It wasn’t that I was bad at it, I literally just played it like I play CoD (no, not camping) with minimal suit usage and did really well, I just felt as though I wanted to play CoD instead not that it was bad.

With all things said and done it was a really great game, just with incredibly small things that bother me a.k.a the grenades. And the mult-player was good and I really just wish it was more unique even though it was already fairly unique. Crysis 2 was a great game and I would recommend it to a lot of people.

Crysis 2 score: 4 out of 5