Live From Sony’s E3 2011 Press Event!

It’s time for Sony to take the stage and show us what they’ve been working on.¬† Playstation Vita is just about a lock at this point, so the only question that remains is what does it really look like.¬† Times below, and as always we’ll have the roundup about an hour before hand.¬† Consoles, tablets, software–this and possibly more from the Sony camp, and you can see it all unfold right here.

2:00PM – Hawaii
4:00PM - Alaska
5:00PM – Pacific
6:00PM – Mountain
7:00PM – Central
8:00PM – Eastern
1:00AM – London (June 7th)


Still Waiting for the Presser to start, we’ve been told they will start in 15 minutes


Sony is kicking things off 3D glasses are being handed out
We’re starting in 60 seconds


Opening up with a huge montage of Playstation properties
And a HUGE Apology from Jack Tretton


Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception demo, Silky smooth graphics (as expected)
June 28th multiplayer Beta Opens
October Subway Promo, early access to FULL multiplayer
finally a 3D look at Uncharted 3

and 11/1/11 release date is re-iterated.


Resistance 3 details being announced, and a gameplay demo–in 3D, noticing a trend here?


Playstation Branded 3D display
24″ display, 3D Display capable of displaying two different images to two different people.

Bundled with HDMI cable, Glasses, Resistance 3, it retails for $499


Demo of NBA 2k11, Move enabled, developers say the game is super accessible
Kobe Bryant takes the stage to demo the game
Kobe fails miserably


Our video feed is failing miserably, so check us out on for our live reactions. ¬†We appologize for the lack of coverage during this event, and hope you come back for our breakdown posts and full coverage of Nintendo’s E3 event.

edited by gil for grammar