Wii U: What U Need to Know


Unifying, unique, utopian….and unexplained.

Deeper and wider. The new Nintendo platform is supposed to offer a deeper and wider appeal for all gamers out there. From new hardcore gamers, to the passionate fanboys, as well as families around the world. It has been confirmed that the console will be released next year.

Head on past the break to see some of the specs.
Confirmed Specs:

  • 6.2″ screen embedded on the new Wii U controller.
  • Backward compatible with Wii and Wii accessories (remote, wheel, etc).
  • Rumble, 4 Shoulder buttons, 2 circle pads, 4 face buttons, front facing camera, accelerometer.
  • Images are created by Wii U, transmitted wirelessly without latency.
  • Games can use 1 screen or 2 screens–it’s up to the developer.
  • Console is capable of 1080p, internet connected, YouTube enabled.
  • The processor is similar to the processor used in IBM’s Watson Super Computer.
  • The system uses a proprietary disc format capable of holding up to 25GB.

What We Don’t Like:

  • More than one Wii U controller (NintenPad) will not be available for use on the console itself.

More as we find out!