Xbox Live’s Undead Deals

Arising from the grave this week is a bundle of Zombie Deals from Xbox Live Marketplace. There are also two new games being added to the On-Demand library. These deals will only remain until July 18th and then they will go back to their eternal sleep. These deals are only good for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers.

Title Original Price Discounted Price
RDR: Undead Nightmare Collection 1600 MSPoints 1000 MSPoints
Dead Rising 2: Case West 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing 560 MSPoints 280 MSPoints
Stubbs The Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse 1200 MSPoints 800 MSPoints
Twin Blades 400 MSPoints 200 MSPoints
Title Price
FUEL $24.99
G.I. JOE Rise of Cobra $19.99

Source:Major Nelson