PS3 Slashed to $249, Budget PSP Announced

Just announced a short while back at Sony’s press event at Gamescom 2011 in Germany, the PS3 will be reduced to $249.  The newly slashed price will get you the base PS3 system, with 160GB hard drive.  Looking for more storage?  The 320GB console will be reduced to $299.  Also announced is a Wi-Fi less PSP which will retail for 99 Euros (about $143).  Head on past the break to see what I have to say about these moves.

On the PS3 price cut:

Sony needs to get an edge in the home console market.  With the Wii at $149, and the Xbox 360 at $199, the Playstation 3 at $299 is a tough sell for families looking to get a great value.  By dropping the price of the base model to $249, it allows Sony to become more competitive in terms of pricing of their consoles.  This is the move Sony needs to make to move more consoles, and I think consumers are going to respond positively to the new price.

On the new PSP model:

Why, Sony?  This is not the move you need to make right before your new flagship handheld releases.  This is even worse than what Nintendo did with the DSi XL. You’re not adding new features, you’re removing them; And instead of building a bigger marketing plan for the PS Vita, you’re throwing money away on a product with a relatively low life span.  The dual-platform approach only confuses consumers, and frustrates users when they realize that the product they thought was “new” is not able to play the awesome games coming out on the PSV.  Also too, it lacks Wi-Fi, meaning there is no PSN functionality, and no multiplayer.  I’d tell you at this point we’re looking forward to the hands on with the new PSP, but I certainly am not.


Source: Sony