November 2011

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Nov. 29

This week for Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week we have 4 titles on sale for %50 off. The Deals are good through Dec. 5th and are available to Xbox Live Gold members. There are also 4 new titles joining the On-Demand marketplace. Deal of the Week Title Original Discounted Age of Booty 400… Read more »

Minecraft for Xbox 360 in the Spotlight

Minecon 2011 has recently come to a close, and with it came many new and exciting things for the Minecraft community. One of the biggest releases that took place at Minecon was the full release of Minecraft 1.0.0, and info about this update can be found here. The big Minecraft news that this post will… Read more »

Minecraft Released at Last

Notch’s long-awaited masterpiece has finally reached its full release. Minecraft has been in development for quite some time, starting all the way back on May 10, 2009 and is now “complete.” The game has changed vastly since the beginning however, with updates on top of updates. The most recent update to Minecraft 1.0.0 was one… Read more »

Keyes and Chief ponder why people only have these types of screens in movies and video games.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (Review)

The original Halo was the game that made me passionate about video games. I owned an NES when I was a kid and played a bit of Mario. I ran through the old Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games when I was a bit older; but the first time I picked up an Xbox controller and… Read more »

Minecraft for iOS is Now Available! Released a Day Early

Minecraft is finally available for iOS (requires iOS 4.3)! Not Xperia, not Android, but finally out for iPods, and iPads. ┬áThe app was supposed to be released tomorrow for Minecon, but for whatever reason, they snuck it out there early. Minecraft – Pocket Edition currently costs $6.99 and is 2.9 MB. Minecraft on the iOS… Read more »

Course Clear

Super Mario 3D Land (Review)

They said it couldn’t be done–well whoever they were, they were wrong. Nintendo succeeded at what they had set out to accomplish with the launch of the 3DS. The first 3DS title to actually use 3D as an integral part of the gameplay experience has arrived. 3D Land’s platforming relies heavily on the precision leant… Read more »

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Nov 15th

There is only one deal available this week, and that is Ms. Splosion Man for 50% off. This deal is available to Xbox Live Gold members and is good through November 22nd. There are also 3 new games available on the On-Demand marketplace.

COD Elite App Stalled Until Later Date, Still Unstable

Call Of Duty Elite has been delayed once again, and this time it’s for the mobile app. Elite has had a shaky release so far, with several issues delaying it, and delaying it…and delaying it. The servers have had enormous amounts of stress put on them, and are being updated daily. The App will use… Read more »