Simpsons Arcade Game Rated Down Under, Most Likely Headed to XBLA

Just a typical day in Springfield…

In a move that makes complete logical sense and is much anticipated, all signs (in this case, a game rating in Australia) point to Konami porting The Simpsons to XBLA (and equivalent downloadable services) via their much celebrated brawler from the arcades. For those poor souls too young to remember this game, The Simpsons is the story of a diamond landing in the mouth of Baby Maggie, making a man in glasses steal her away. This perfect video game setup causes Homer, Marge, Lisa, and Bart (complete with 90’s catchphrases and skateboard) to chase after him through downtown Springfield, a Krusty themed amusement park, a zombie infested graveyard, Moe’s Tavern, and the world of dreams.

The Simpsons is one of those arcade games that people have been begging for a re-release ever since XBLA and PSN took off, and it is commonly referred to as the pinnacle of Konami’s 2D brawler collection.  Now you can pay $10 to finally see the endgame previously only available to video game pirates and rich kids with a lot of quarters, where (Spoiler Alert!) the Simpsons fend off a mechanical Mr. Burns. Having gotten there once myself legitimately in the back of a local pizza buffet, it is definitely worth a playthrough.

Source XBLA Fans