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Nintendo, EA & Sony Pull Support for SOPA Bill

By Trevor Magnani, December 31, 2011 0

In what seems like a very odd turn of events, Nintendo, EA, and Sony have pulled their support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which has been put on hold more times than someone calling tech support. All three companies supported the bill back in November, but as of right this second, those three names are off the list of big companies supporting the potentially harmful legislation. One of the reasons why these companies dropped support for SOPA was possibly the backlash that was seen against GoDaddy, which initially supported SOPA, pulled their support after seeing a record number of domains being transferred out of their control. If you have not read or heard about the SOPA bill being shuffled through congress, it (when combined with “Protect-IP”) allows content producers (NBC, FOX, Disney, etc) take websites down without the need of a court order. Simply put, if a website is considered to be potentially providing pirated material–even if it might be in “fair-use,” it can be taken down, or denied access from within the United States. Not only can content producers pull the site down, they can also force advertisers to withhold payment to site owners.

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Physical Versus Downloaded Games

By Kevin O'Rourke, December 30, 2011 0

The biggest satisfaction of buying that brand new title is ripping off the plastic and sliding that disc or in the olden days cartridge into your home console. With digital downloads that thrill has only been fiercer over the years, at least for myself. I seldom buy launch titles at the $60 price tag because of my natural caution for games in todays market. Patching within the first week makes me wary, and the purchase of the title ‘Brink’ for $60 left a sour taste in my mouth. Needless to say, I prefer the physical copy of a game over the digital download. Call it fear or paranoia, but having that solid copy of a game and putting it on display on my shelf gives a sense of pride in my game collection. Having those old titles sitting on the shelf is what keeps the nostalgia going for years to come. There will be days where a Super Mario 64 craving comes along, or a Looney Tunes B-Ball rainy day and those cartridges or discs are just waiting to be cracked open and booted up. It seems a bit old fashioned and pointless but there’s just a certain magnetism about owning the physical copy of a game and being able to call it your own.

There is a huge market for digital downloads now which in a corporate stand-point makes sense. Small studios can crank out a game and not have to worry about shipping, packaging, manufacturing and other costs for downloads that can be just as easily purchased through a service like Steam, or via an app marketplace. These games come at a much cheaper price tag than retailers can price their games, so is it safe to say that we can see digital downloads as an even larger percentage of the gaming market in the next year or two?

In my eyes no; but here’s a valid point. Who carries the consoles at easy to purchase local stores. Retailers like Target, Wal-mart, and specialty game stores like Gamestop, EB Games, etc. Companies need to keep retail support otherwise their consoles will be barred from stores. It happened with the PSP Go, which seemed like a very bold idea. So while a fully digital download service seems ideal, there are some drawbacks. Perhaps years down the line we’ll see a radical shift in the gaming market but for now I’ll stick with going to a retail store and buying titles for my systems. They look so nice next to my SNES and N64 cartridges and not sitting on my hardrive. We’ll leave the hardrive for games like Minecraft, or Trine and keep the home console titles where they’ve always been.

It’s a controversial subject for gamers but I think keeping a healthy mix and remembering the past is the best way to keep in stride.

GenGAMEcast 018: Reboot 2.0 / Game(s) of the Year

By Trevor Magnani, December 28, 2011 0

It’s back, and live again tonight, 8pm ET. If you’ve been paying attention to our GenGAME2 channel, you might have caught the live recording of the GenGAMEcast, but if you didn’t, here’s the recordings from the previous show! Subscribe to the GenGAMEcast in iTunes in either Audio or Video.

This show was recorded live on December 20th 2011, future episodes will have faster turnaround time

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Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Dec 27th

By Aaron Ludington, December 27, 2011 0

This week’s Deal has a whooping 11 games in it. This Deal is good through Jan 2nd, 2012 and available for Xbox Live Gold Members. There are also 4 new games being added to the On-Demand library.

Deal of the Week

Title Original Discount
Pictureka 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Boggle 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Sorry! 800MSPoints 400MSPoints
Full House Poker 480 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Connect 4×4 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Sorry! Sliders 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Battleship 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Jenga 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Scrabble 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Yahtzee 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
Connect 4 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints
MSPoints MSPoints


Title Price
Resonance of Fate $24.99
Transformers: Dark of the Moon $59.99
Wipeout: In The Zone $49.99
Child of Eden $39.99

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Minecraft Mod of the Week: Clay Soldiers Mod

By Triston Dixon, December 27, 2011 1

This week I took a look at the Clay Soldiers Mod. In this mod you can take the useless clay of the world and morph it into something a little bit more fun. You can make these little soldiers by putting a piece of clay under a piece of soulsand in your crafting area. Once you get your soldiers you color them with dye to make different armies. These little soldiers can be equipped with tons of different stuff.

  • Sticks- Weapons
  • Leather- Armor
  • Food- Stores health for later when in combat
  • Gold Ingot- The soldiers will run for it and who ever gets it is declared the team king
  • Glowstone Dust- Soldiers glow in the dark
  • Sulfur- Makes them explode upon death
  • Sugar- Gives the soldier increased speed
  • Clay- Gives them the ability to revive downed teammates
  • Dirt Horse- a mount for the soldier
  • White Wool- if the soldier has leather armour the wool will make it stronger
  • Flint- Used to sharpen the soldiers stick weapon
  • Redstone- Blinding powder
  • Slime Ball- the soldiers use it to glue enemies to the ground
  • Clay Disruptor- Wipes out all clay soldiers with in the radius and can also be used to destroy clay blocks
  • Iron Ingot- makes the soldier a lot tougher
  • Gravel- Used as ranged weapons that the soldiers throw
  • Logs- Soldiers will build small buildings depending on how much wood they have
  • Feathers- Parachutes
  • Snow Pegasus Mount- Flying horse used for increased mobility on the battlefield
  • Clay Cam- You can right click on a clay soldier to watch the battle from their point of view

Now there is one thing that you do not want the soldiers to consume, which is an ender pearl. Once consumed by a clay soldier they will not stop at nothing to infect the rest of the colony of soldiers and after they have infected all the soldiers they will come after you. If you would like to check out this awesome and very entertaining mod by KodaichiZero follow this link Right here to play this week’s mod of the week. Marathon on December 27th

By Kevin O'Rourke, December 26, 2011 0

Our good friends at are putting together a marathon that can be viewed on their site or on their channel. The goal is set at $1000 and will be starting off with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. After the Halomarathon team plays through each campaign they’ll pair up with the viewers and run through some matchmaking games on various Halo games. The schedule is flexible with the marathon starting at 7:00 PM CST. The games to be played are Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach; sorry Halo Wars fans.

The charity that is playing for is JDRF or Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It is a good cause and I’d truly appreciate if you donated any amount that you can. Even if you can’t donate anything it’s going to be a good show, and fun to hangout in the Twitch chat. Players who are interested in joining the players can add HALOxMARATHON on Xbox Live. So if you picked up Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for Christmas and want to run through some Matchmaking and Custom matches with some laid back gamers then come and check out this post-Christmas marathon.

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Dec 20th

By Aaron Ludington, December 20, 2011 0

This week’s deal is but one game, Rock of Ages, going for 50% off. This deal is good through Dec 19th and available to Xbox Live Gold Members. There are 4 new games being added to the On-Demand library, including L.A. Noire.

Deal of the Week

Title Original Discount
Rock of Ages 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints


Title Price
UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System $59.99
Michael Jackson The Experience $39.99
L.A. Noire $39.99
Rock Band 3 $19.99

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Minecraft Mod of the Week: Tales Of Kingdoms

By Triston Dixon, December 20, 2011 1

This time I took a look at the Minecraft Tales of Kingdoms mod. In this mod you are last to the heir of the throne. There is a building called the ‘Guild.’ The Guild has a wide variety of things you can do. There is a farmer that if right clicked on every once in a while, he will give you a piece of savoring bread. The shop keeper will sell you weapons, tools, and armor. If you don’t feel like fighting all the nasty creatures of the night then you can go to the house keeper in the bottom floor of the Guild and take a nice rest till morning. One thing you must not forget about though is the evil Reficules. Their holes are all over the world and they are guard them. They have come from deep within the Nether to take over the overworld. When venturing out into the world, you will find that there are villages that have been burned by the Reficules leaving destroyed ruins, fire, and netherrack in their path. The villagers are hopelessly abandoned in the destroyed town and look to you to take them back to safety. In the guild you must seek out a man called the Guild Master. When you click on him several options appear. There will be one that says sign up contract. After clicking that you will notice a bar appear that says “Path to Kingship”. You can fill this bar by rescuing villagers and killing monsters. Once you have completely filled the Kingship bar you are able to get the builder that is standing by the house keeper and set off to rebuild your magnificent kingdom. This mod is a very nice looking mod and I know that I had a ton of fun with it. If you would like to check out this mod follow this link

Opinion: What Makes Halo Special

By Kevin O'Rourke, December 18, 2011 0

A few people rustled my feathers about Halo recently saying that it wasn’t a good franchise, that it copied other games, and was just a generic ‘sci-fi’ shooter.

I say, you’re flat out wrong. I’m not going to defiantly wave my Halo flag of justice here and call people morons for not liking the series. In place of that. I’ll do the the ol’ debate methods and give off my reasons why the Halo series is truly good.

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Nintendo Reveals GBA Ambassador Titles

By Trevor Magnani, December 15, 2011 0

December 16th (for the US) will mark the day Nintendo makes good on their promise of 20 free games for 3DS early adopters, and just recently announced the GameBoy Advance games 3DS ambassadors will receive for being first to get their hands on a 3DS. To be honest, I think there are a few gems inside that should make early owners happy, and post-price-cut buyers envious. We already knew that we would be receiving Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames, and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, but the next five–previously un-announced games are beyond the break, along with my thoughts on the ambassador program.

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Pick What is Next on Scornful Gaming

By Aaron Ludington, December 13, 2011 0

I’m pretty close to the end of The Legend of Dragoon so it’s getting about time to figure out what I will play next on Scornful Gaming. So once again I turning to you the viewer to help answer this question. Below there will be a poll of ten games/series of games for you to choose from. In the case of game series I will make the final choice but you can always leave a comment for a particular game in the series.

What game should I play next for Scornful Gaming? v2

  • Dark Cloud (16%, 4 Votes)
  • Devil May Cry (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Legend of Zelda(not Skyward Sword) (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Chrono Trigger or Cross (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Sly Cooper series (12%, 3 Votes)
  • Ratchet & Clank series (8%, 2 Votes)
  • Jak & Daxter series (8%, 2 Votes)
  • Pokemon Nuzlocke (8%, 2 Votes)
  • Final Fantasy (8%, 2 Votes)
  • Rogue Trooper (4%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

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Pudge Ponders: The Glut of Indie Bundles and the Curse of the Backlog

By Alex Santa Maria, December 13, 2011 2

Meat Boy gives a thumbs up to being in the latest Humble Bundle.

We live in a prosperous time for gaming. It has entered the mainstream thanks to AAA blockbusters that have competed successfully with movies the last few years. Where in console generations past we might all be playing one or two big releases during the holidays, nowadays it is impossible to play every game that you want to and still have time to, you know, celebrate the holidays.

One way people escaped this in the past was pricing. You can’t be expected to pay hundreds of dollars on video games in a two month period, so you picked the experiences you wanted to support, and picked up the rest in the bargain bin on Black Friday the following year. Then Steam started having those sales every chance they could, and gamers everywhere discovered the power of a low price tag.

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