December 2011

Nintendo, EA & Sony Pull Support for SOPA Bill

In what seems like a very odd turn of events, Nintendo, EA, and Sony have pulled their support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which has been put on hold more times than someone calling tech support. All three companies supported the bill back in November, but as of right this second, those three… Read more »

Physical Versus Downloaded Games

The biggest satisfaction of buying that brand new title is ripping off the plastic and sliding that disc or in the olden days cartridge into your home console. With digital downloads that thrill has only been fiercer over the years, at least for myself. I seldom buy launch titles at the $60 price tag because… Read more »

GenGAMEcast 018: Reboot 2.0 / Game(s) of the Year

It’s back, and live again tonight, 8pm ET. If you’ve been paying attention to our GenGAME2 channel, you might have caught the live recording of the GenGAMEcast, but if you didn’t, here’s the recordings from the previous show! Subscribe to the GenGAMEcast in iTunes in either Audio or Video. This show was recorded live on… Read more »

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Dec 27th

This week’s Deal has a whooping 11 games in it. This Deal is good through Jan 2nd, 2012 and available for Xbox Live Gold Members. There are also 4 new games being added to the On-Demand library. Deal of the Week Title Original Discount Pictureka 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints Boggle 800 MSPoints 400 MSPoints Sorry!… Read more »

Minecraft Mod of the Week: Clay Soldiers Mod

This week I took a look at the Clay Soldiers Mod. In this mod you can take the useless clay of the world and morph it into something a little bit more fun. You can make these little soldiers by putting a piece of clay under a piece of soulsand in your crafting area. Once… Read more » Marathon on December 27th

Our good friends at are putting together a marathon that can be viewed on their site or on their channel. The goal is set at $1000 and will be starting off with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. After the Halomarathon team plays through each campaign they’ll pair up with the viewers and run through… Read more »

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Dec 20th

This week’s deal is but one game, Rock of Ages, going for 50% off. This deal is good through Dec 19th and available to Xbox Live Gold Members. There are 4 new games being added to the On-Demand library, including L.A. Noire. Deal of the Week Title Original Discount Rock of Ages 800 MSPoints 400… Read more »

Minecraft Mod of the Week: Tales Of Kingdoms

This time I took a look at the Minecraft Tales of Kingdoms mod. In this mod you are last to the heir of the throne. There is a building called the ‘Guild.’ The Guild has a wide variety of things you can do. There is a farmer that if right clicked on every once in… Read more »

Opinion: What Makes Halo Special

A few people rustled my feathers about Halo recently saying that it wasn’t a good franchise, that it copied other games, and was just a generic ‘sci-fi’ shooter. I say, you’re flat out wrong. I’m not going to defiantly wave my Halo flag of justice here and call people morons for not liking the series…. Read more »


Nintendo Reveals GBA Ambassador Titles

December 16th (for the US) will mark the day Nintendo makes good on their promise of 20 free games for 3DS early adopters, and just recently announced the GameBoy Advance games 3DS ambassadors will receive for being first to get their hands on a 3DS. To be honest, I think there are a few gems… Read more »

Pick What is Next on Scornful Gaming

I’m pretty close to the end of The Legend of Dragoon so it’s getting about time to figure out what I will play next on Scornful Gaming. So once again I turning to you the viewer to help answer this question. Below there will be a poll of ten games/series of games for you to… Read more »