Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GenGAMEcast 019: Gangsters in Space

If you didn’t see us live on Tuesday night at the GenGAME Live channel, check out the recording of our show! Subscribe to the GenGAMEcast in iTunes in either Audio or Video. This show was recorded live on December 28th 2011. Your browser does not support the audio element.

Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week: Jan 3rd

This week’s Deal has 2 games for it. This Deal is good through Jan 9th and available for Xbox Live Gold Members. There are also 4 new games being added to the On-Demand library. Deal of the Week Title Original Discount Uno 400 MSPoints 200 MSPoints Dance Central – “I Gottta Feeling” – The Black… Read more »

3DS Hits Four Million Mark in the US

Nintendo has been pushing it’s three fronted sale this holiday season with the 3DS, Wii, and DS. Nintendo sold over 12 million hardware units in 2011 which has been a streak for 5 years now. This is just 2011’s numbers and 2012 looks to be more promising with a slew of new titles. It was… Read more »

Minecraft Mod of the Week: BuildCraft

Are you getting tired of the old medieval Minecraft? Well now you can take Minecraft into the industrial age with the BuildCraft mod by Space Toad. You can use this mod to make automatic factories that will produce anything you want, or mine away massive holes in the ground for building materials. This mod will add… Read more »


Kevin’s Reflection: Mario Kart

The Mario franchise started off huge on the NES early in it’s run. While Mario Kart didn’t come around until the SNES, Nintendo’s red and blue garbed plumber was an instant hit in his platformer games. It wasn’t long until the cast of Mario characters expanded and we saw these colorful characters in games that… Read more »