HyruleCraft Weekly 000: “Is This Viral Yet?”

Recorded only hours after the story broke on Zelda Dungeon, the Hyrulecraft team sits down to talk about the future plans of the project while giving everyone a tour of the server.

Release Date: Jan 24, 2012
Runtime: 24:19

Important Links:
GenGAME Live Stream
GenGAME Schedule
Map Download
Hyrulecraft on Blip.tv
Hyrulecraft page
Planet Minecraft page
Benny’s Twitter
Kevin’s Twitter
Hyrulecraft Theme Music
Hyrulecraft Alpha trailer
Texture Pack: Majora’s Craft

Special Thanks:
Lex Megahan for the Hyrulecraft logo
Eric Bucholz from Radiohyrule.com for music/appearances
Sweet Elise
The fans who played it, loved it and can’t wait for more
The sites that sourced us and spread it around the web

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