The Great Minecraft Build-Off: Season 3


We know what you’ve been waiting for, and it’s finally here! The Great Minecraft Build-off: Season 3 signups are now ready for submission, but with a few new twists into the mix. Firstly, we have designed another new arena in anticipation for this season’s contest format. We will be dropping the Green and Yellow teams in favor of the 2-verses-2 team format the fans have been asking for. Keep this in mind when you sign up for TGMCBO:S3, that you need a partner to be completely registered for the competition. If a partner cannot be found, feel free to chat with one of the members of the new forums we have just launched. There is a special thread we created just for you guys looking to find a build-off partner. We have a growing community here at GenGAME, and the Build-off series is just one of many events we host to help grow that community. A complete list of information and build-off entry link can be found after the jump.

The Great Minecraft Build-off: Season 3 Rules and Changes:

  • Each build-off will be between 2 two-player teams, Red vs. Blue
  • Builds will be 60 minutes in length to encourage efficient teamwork and a more digestible show.
  • Teams must be formed in advance and will not be created for you.

TGMCBO:S3 Sign-up forms can be found here.