Final Fantasy XIII Will Go On, Details Coming This September

Square-Enix revealed today that there will be future developments for the Final Fantasy XIII sub-franchise, to be revealed in greater detail at the series’ 25th anniversary event in Shibuya, Japan this September 1st. The event will kick off a day earlier for members of the press and certain Square-Enix fan club members with an exclusive opening celebration and demo lineup.

So far all we know about the big reveal is that the presentation is titled “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation,” which suggests that the “new developments” will have something to do with the core storyline begun by FFXIII rather than the elusive Versus XIII. No word on whether Versus will appear at the show.

Read on for more details about the event.

Square-Enix will also be hosting a Final Fantasy XII musical presentation to celebrate their first fully-orchestrated soundtrack, and a special demonstration of the upcoming v.2.0 update for Final Fantasy XIV Online.

September 2 is going to be geared towards the 15th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, with appearances from various voice actors for the characters from the FFVII Compilation. Square-Enix will also be hosting a live broadcast for the “Squeni Chan! Presents” radio show that will focus on the future of the franchise.

Source: Official Event Page via Andriasang