Okami HD’s Move Controls Aren’t So Waggle-Based

okami-hd-7-11-04Okami‘s Wii remake involved a lot of one of the most atrocious kinds of input on the system’s report: waggle. Waggle to bust things up in the overworld, waggle to attack enemies – needless to say it wasn’t especially satisfying. Fortunately, Okami HD‘s Move controls, which are largely based on the Wii version’s pointer scheme, are trying to minimize on wild controller shaking.

It turns out that, as one might expect, Capcom’s outsourcing the port job. Who’s handling the game? Hexadrive, developers of The 3rd Birthday. They’re the ones retooling the controls, and they’ve also redone some of the cutscenes to suit the improved HD visuals as well.

Source: Siliconera