New Super Mario Bros. 2 Commercials Emerge, That is One Terrifying Big Boo

Two Japanese commercials for New Super Mario Bros. 2 surfaced today. The first shows off the game’s 2-player co-op mode, and has Gold Mario and Silver Luigi pit their precious metallic fireballs against a slew of blocks and enemies. It also shows off a peek at a new, much Bigger Boo who frankly terrifies the pants off of me.

The second commercial is a bit more standard, showing off footage we’ve already seen in various clips and trailers. Both ads highlight the also-upcoming 3DS XL (3DS LL in Japan), which is due to launch alongside the game on July 28 (August 19 in the States).

Now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep amidst paranoid thoughts of a giant Boo who wants to eat me.

Source: Andriasang