Valve, Blizzard, and Stardock All Dislike Windows 8

What happens when a bunch of video game developers hate the next-generation Windows operating system? We might just find out with Windows 8. Valve head Gabe Newell is already proclaiming that his company’s thinking of fleeing to Linux due to the OS being a “catastrophe”; and now Blizzard’s chiming in with some doom and gloom of their own.

Blizzard VP of Game Design Rob Pardo Tweeted: “”Nice interview with Gabe Newell – ‘I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space* – not awesome for Blizzard either,” and a couple months back Kotaku ran an article from Stardock CEO Brad Wardell explaining that it’s a usability nightmare.

What will this mean for Windows 8? Apart from corporate consumer biteback, it’s hard to say until the OS actually makes it into the wild. In the meantime, is there anyone who’s actually optimistic about it?

Source: Kotaku