Hyrule Historia is Being Officially Localized, Published by Dark Horse Comics

Hyrule Historia was the guidebook that took The Legend of Zelda fanbase by storm. Not only was it an art book with insight into the games’ creation, it also supplied snippets of a never-before-released manga, and in a totally unexpected move revealed the full Legend of Zelda series timeline. Fans have clamored for an official English release of the guide…and now, their dreams are set to become reality.

Diamond Book Distributors has listed Hyrule Historia as part of Dark Horse Comics’ January 2013 release schedule, priced at $34.99, with a specific date of January 29, 2013. You can check out their full product description after the break.

UPDATE: Hyrule Historia is coming to the UK and Australia! Find out more new details here.

Dark Horse Books and Nintendo team up to bring you The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, containing an unparalleled collection of historical information on The Legend of Zelda franchise. This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey Kong, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto, this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link’s adventures from the creators themselves! As a bonus, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia includes an exclusive comic by the foremost creator of The Legend of Zelda manga — Akira Himekawa!


• The Legend of Zelda franchise has sold 68 million copies since the release of the first game, with the original Legend of Zelda being the fourth best selling NES game of all time, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time holding the record for the highest reviewed video game of all time.
• Covers the full history of The Legend of Zelda franchise.
• With an introduction by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.
• Includes the official timeline of The Legend of Zelda games, never-before-seen concept art, The Legend of Zelda manga, in-depth information on the making of the The Legend of Zelda franchise, and art by some of the most storied concept artists in video games.

Source: Diamond Book Distributors

  • Skeps

    Woohoo, this isn’t the official cover, right?

    • http://www.gengame.net/ Alex Plant

      It’s probably pretty close, but I imagine there’ll be a bit more embellishment in the final product.

      • MegabusterLegends3

        Actually, no, I do believe they just released the cover … It is a rather elegant design, to be sure, highlighting the symbols from the three goddesses, Farore, Nayru, and Din, as seen in Wind Waker.

  • K2L

    I already know the book’s contents, so meh, why getting it now? I’ll pass by all means.

    • K2L

      Dude, why the negative votes? Fanboys,….. >_>

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=691261465 Marisa Malone

    I’m so getting this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/samuel.babu Samuel Richardson Babu


    • http://www.facebook.com/coolkangarooo Gabriel Gomez

      Google translate?

  • Erimgard

    Buying this day one.

  • RagnarokX

    This is great news, but that cover is seriously horrendous. It should be simple and elegant like the Japanese version.

  • Chris

    Is it going to be in English, or Japanese?

    • http://gengame.net/ Kyle “rigs” Wrigley

      Localize: To make ‘foreign language’ versions of a product where the text and dialogue has been translated into the local language (e.g., translating an American game into German) for text and/or audio.

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