New Hyrule Historia English Translation Details: (UPDATE: Headed to Europe!)

Richard George from IGN has been in touch with Dark Horse Comics regarding the upcoming English localization of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, and his contacts have revealed a few bits of information about the translated version. Apparently it’ll be larger in size than its Japanese counterpart – I presume this means the dimensions of the actual book – and will contain every bit of text from the original, including artwork notes and other small tidbits.

According to Rich, Nintendo was responsible for proposing the localization of the book to Dark Horse as opposed to the other way around. Dark Horse and Nintendo have been looking for an opportunity to collaborate “for several years,” and this seemed like the best chance to get started.

UPDATE: Rich has confirmed that the book is headed to the UK, Australia, and other parts of Europe! We’ll find out specifics soon.

Source: @RichIGN on Twitter via GoNintendo