The World Ends With You Director Says the New Content Doesn’t End with the Remake

Fans of The World Ends With You have every reason to feel disappointed that the recent teaser countdown just led to an iOS port, titled “Solo Remix” and featuring gameplay that’s friendlier to single-screen devices. However, the series’ director Tatsuya Kando wants to assure fans that the good stuff is still to come.

“For those who were waiting for new developments for TWEWY, sorry to have kept you waiting. Solo Remix is a game with such a high level of completion that you won’t feel that it’s a port. If you play it and post Tweets to Twitter, the world will expand even further. We’re working on a variety of other things, but first please enjoy Solo Remix.”

Good enough? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least it’s something, right?

Source: Andriasang via GoNintendo