ZombiU is ‘Very Hard,’ Survival Mode is Even Harder

ZombiU is a shooter that’s all about survival. If you die, you’ll lose all your equipment and start over from the last major checkpoint – none of this “go back to the beginning of the room” nonsense you’ll find in many modern shooters. As such, it’s a game that delivers very much on arcade-like challenge – that is, getting to know the game intimately through persistence and learning from your mistakes instead of being put into a situation that’s designed to be “figured out” on the first try.

According to the game’s product manager, Nicolai Bouchai, the difficulty is designed to attract those who have high expectations for Wii U’s game library. Hop inside for his comments.

We really want to target and challenge the gamers with ZombiU because this game is very hard. So for example when you finish the game you will unlock a new mode called Survival Mode. You will have to finish the game with only one life and only one character. We know there are a lot of gamers expecting a lot with the Wii U, so that’s why we want to deliver this experience and dedicate it to the gamers.

In order to capitalize on the community-building potential of a game this tough, Ubisoft’s elected to include Dark Souls-style hidden messages as a Miiverse option. Players can write helpful notes – or cryptic warnings – for other survivors. Those notes can be detected with players’ personal scanners using the Wii U GamePad.

Source: NowGamer