Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 And Rayman Legends Put Wii U On The Right Track

During Nintendo’s Wii U Preview earlier today, many of us were quite shocked to see Bayonetta 2 announced as a Wii U exclusive. Given the avalanche of Nintendo news that was dropped on us today, the relevance of this announcement may not be fully realized by everyone who saw the event.

While other titles like Black Ops 2 may be bigger sellers, Bayonetta 2 may have been the most important announcement of the day for Wii U. Bayonetta 2, coupled with Rayman Legends, is starting a promising Wii U trend that has the system headed in the right direction. Read on to see what the implications are for this exclusive Wii U title.

One of the most daunting tasks for launching a new system, and especially in Nintendo’s case, is gathering up as much third party support as possible. Because the Wii was generally considered unappealing to the more “hardcore” crowed of gamers, the Wii U needs all the help that it can get in convincing the masses that it is a different beast than the Wii.

Big name titles like Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed III are great additions to the Wii U’s library, but the reality is that they are not enough to convince gamers to buy the system. Sure, the Wii U versions of these games might have better graphics or more features, but that’s not enough to convince someone who already owns an Xbox360 or PS3 that they need to buy a Wii U. What Nintendo needs most to draw attention to their new system is exclusive titles.

ZombiU is by far the game I’m most excited for on the Wii U, and having it as an exclusive title is fantastic for Nintendo, but even that doesn’t necessarily get the job done. Because it’s essentially a new IP, it doesn’t have an established and dedicated fanbase. Some gamers will be persuaded to buy the Wii U just on the promise of ZombiU, but many need to see an exclusive title that they know they’ll enjoy playing.

The Rayman franchise has been around for a long time, and has a pretty large fanbase. Getting Rayman Legends as an exclusive is big for Nintendo, because there are people who will buy the Wii U just to play a new Rayman game. Bayonetta was a game that caught the gaming world a little bit off guard in a good way, quickly gathering a cult following of loyal fans. By making its sequel a Wii U exclusive, Nintendo will likely be able to convince a large number of PS3 and Xbox360 owners, who would have otherwise had no interest in a Nintendo console, to take a long hard look at the system.

These two games are a great start for the Wii U, and Nintendo needs to keep the ball rolling. If they can continue to get exclusive third party games, especially games from established franchises with sizeable fanbases, the Wii U can succeed in building the kind of audience that the Wii failed to attract. And once hardware sales increase, software sales will follow suit. While a better-looking version of a multiplatform game will not likely convince someone to rush out and buy a system, if they’ve already bought it for its exclusives, they’re going to want to start building up a library of games to play on it.