Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Illuminated, Homage to Hand-Drawn Disney and Classic Gaming

Until recently, we didn’t know very much about the 3DS companion game to Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, titled Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. All we really had pinned down was that it would be a sprite-based side-scrolling platform game that combines the unique paint and thinner mechanics of the first Epic Mickey with the classic gameplay of Disney Golden Age games like Castle of Illusion for Sega Genesis. It’ll feature iconic Disney faces and places in a more direct way than the typical trips to Wasteland, which were based on Disney theme park attractions instead of the worlds themselves.

Now we’ve got a closer look at what those worlds will be like, how they’ll link together, and what exactly is going on in Mr. Mouse’s first handheld Epic Mickey adventure. Hop inside for the bullet-point breakdown.

  • The game picks up after the first Epic Mickey. Oswald informs Mickey that the Castle of Illusion has shown up in Wasteland, inhabited by the evil witch Mizrabel.
  • Paint and thinner return; you’ll switch between the two with a tap of the L button. Tap shapes on the bottom screen to start filling them in or thinning them out. You’ll do this by drawing the objects’ outlines.
  • If you trace perfectly, you’ll get a helpful item; poor tracing will cause a defective version of that object to appear. A block might be covered in spikes, or a cannon might shoot you a little bit TOO far, for example.
  • Sometimes you’ll paint in iconic characters to help you against enemies and obstacles, such as Aladdin.
  • The rooms in the Castle of Illusion will shapeshift to resemble Disney locales like Hook’s Pirate Ship or Wonderland.
  • Mizrabel is also a shapeshifter, and will take on the form of villains like Maleficent.
  • We’ll see content from the more recent Tangled.
  • Warren Spector: “Epic Mickey was about lost cartoon history. Until Dreamrift brought up the idea, it had never occurred to me to pay tribute to game history, too.”
  • Game’s director was a huge fan of Castle of Illusion.
  • It’s a lot more colorful than the first Epic Mickey. They aren’t really going for twisted versions of Disney worlds this time; instead, they’re aiming for authenticity.
  • Later on you’ll be able to sketch in enemies to fight with you. If you aren’t careful, though, they’ll attack you instead!
  • We didn’t want to get into the rut that a lot of games got into early in the DS’s life — games that allowed players to slap decals or skins in an ugly way. We thought we could do better. We wanted our pictures to be functional. We wanted to give players the opportunity to create something that was guaranteed to be beautiful and emotionally connected to them. Given Disney’s iconic cast, it seemed like a good idea to let players paint characters they already have an emotional connection to.”
  • There are safe zones where you’ll be able to handle side-quest requests from Disney characters, buy items from Scrooge McDuck, or customize their various rooms to build up your own Disney paradise. This mechanic was borrowed from Suikoden.

Source: 1up