Nintendo TVii Partner Says Wii U is the ‘Ideal Hardware’ for an Interactive TV Experience

After Wii became one of the choice game boxes for streaming Netflix video and Wii U’s TV Remote functionality was explained at E3 2012, we were pretty certain that Nintendo was going to use the Wii U GamePad’s second screen to do some pretty cool things with TV and movie viewing. Nintendo TVii basically fit right in with our expectations – and greatly exceeded them.

The company that partnered with Nintendo to make it happen, i.TV, sat down for an interview with Engadget to discuss how they came to decide on Wii U as the choice platform for their new interactive viewing initiative.

Read on to see the story of Nintendo TVii’s conception.

Brad Pelo, CEO of i.TV, talked up Wii U GamePad as the best possible option for a second interactive TV screen:

The genesis of the experience you’re seeing here was really when the Wii U was announced, and it was clear that this is the ideal second screen. You might not think of it as the ideal hardware compared to an iPad if I really had a dedicated second screen. But it is in the living room, and it’s persistent. It doesn’t even really work outside of the living room — it’s attached to the main viewing service in the home.

We’ll deliver our own impressions about Nintendo TVii as an ideal service for Wii U and its GamePad screen in a future article. In the meantime, however, I think the quote above serves to underline something that a lot of people might never have believed after E3 2011 – it actually was very helpful for Nintendo, if not for building consumer excitement, then for getting developers on board with new ideas about how to use the Wii U GamePad to deliver entertainment in new and unique ways.

Read the full interview overview at Engadget to find out more.

Source: Engadget via GoNintendo