Reggie Explains Wii U’s Miiverse Start-Up Menu in Detail

Nintendo’s been pretty tight-lipped about Miiverse, the company’s new online social network that’s set to debut with Wii U this November, since it was first announced just prior to E3 2012. Reggie Fils-Aime spoke a little about it with Kotaku following the Wii U Preview event in NYC, and while his comments still leave us wanting to know a whole lot more, they still shed some light on some of the burning questions.

Read on for my bullet-point breakdown of his big Miiverse discussion.

  • Miiverse is the first thing you’ll see when you turn on your console to login to your Nintendo Network account. The start-up menu itself actually acts like one big open social network, allowing you to see who’s online, what software they’re into, and some of the more popular comments circulating through the community.
  • Nintendo will play an active role in facilitating and promoting content alongside users’ content creation, in a relationship not unlike what you see on Facebook or other existing social networks.
  • The Miis you see on the Miiverse screen consist of your friends and family and people who have a “high reputation within the site.” Nintendo will prioritize messages and information related to these users.
  • Nintendo could even utilize the service directly to send out promotions and other special messages from key Nintendo people like Reggie or Mr. Iwata.
  • “Tiles” will represent the different pieces of software that are trending in the community. You can see these in the image up top. Miis will congregate around these tiles to indicate what software they’re playing or chatting about.
  • Reggie says a maximum of three of these tiles could be displayed at Nintendo’s discretion to promote specific content.
  • From the Miiverse screen, hit the Home Menu to access your other content – games, eShop titles, Netflix, and so on. These won’t be arranged as channels, but instead works more like an options pane.
  • A few things you’ll be able to do with Miiverse: send messages, see what friends are doing, and recommend games to people in your social circle.
  • Not ready to talk about Miiverse integration into game software outside of what was shown for New Super Mario Bros. U. Players can post messages about certain levels or moments for others to see on the world map and after they lose a life. First-party games will generally use Miiverse, and third-party developers have options that they can choose from and innovate within.
  • Not ready to talk about Nintendo Network or the eShop, either. News about those and other online features will come at a later date.
  • “The key message I would communicate to your readers would be this: We have spent a lot of time and invested a lot of money to get our connected experiences right. And so when we highlight how the eShop will work, how the Nintendo Network is going to work, I think people are going to be very pleased.”

Source: Kotaku