Reggie: Wii U Retailer Response and Pre-Orders are ‘Extremely Strong’

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said today that the response to Wii U has been very positive since the November 18 release date and $299.99 starting price were announced this morning.

“We’ve announced the price and we have a number of retailers taking pre-orders and the feedback that I’m getting from retailers is extremely strong in terms of pre-sales and consumer excitement at the store.”

He also commented on the initial reception of Wii U’s value to consumers. Obviously the high pre-orders suggest that they think it’s worth buying, but it’s important to assure everyone thinking of buying Wii U that it’s a high-value product:

“In the end… I care about the consumer who’s putting money down on a pre-order and whether or not we’re presenting a great value to them. Based on some of the reports I’m getting, the answer is yes.”

I predicted earlier that Wii U is still too expensive to be a good sell to the best Nintendo customers of all – the Super Mario Bros. fans. I’m hoping the positive signs Reggie’s discussing mean that I’ll be eating my own words come launch day.

Source: GamesIndustry via GoNintendo