Sony America VP Says PS3-Vita Remote Play Can ‘Easily’ Deliver What Wii U Offers

Sony believes that Wii U’s ability to stream full games to its trademark Wii U GamePad isn’t exactly an innovative proposition. In fact, Sony Computer Entertainment America VP of marketing John Koller says, combining PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 for Remote Play and Cross-Platform Play already offers this functionality: “We tell our PlayStation fans all the time that what the Wii U is offering is something that Vita and PS3 can do quite easily.”

Given that most Vita owners also own a PS3, perhaps that’s a significant value proposition. But since this value offering has a userbase ceiling – at best the tens of millions of PS3 players, and at worst the handful of millions of PS Vita players – and a steep price at $500 minimum for both systems, one has to wonder whether it’ll really cannibalize Wii U sales the way Sony seems to hope.

The company doesn’t seem to be putting all its eggs in one basket, though, just as it didn’t with PlayStation Move. Read on for more comments from Mr. Koller about how Sony plans to implement this function in future titles.

It’s not just about the functionality, however, it’s about whether implementing that functionality makes any sense. It’s dependent on the content. So we need to make sure the content isn’t force fed. And, to us, making sure that the gamer receives the right type of experience is what’s most important. So we’re gonna pick our spots, but that technology does certainly exist here.

Sounds to me like Sony’s not really going to focus all that much on the cross-play – and with Vita sales not even coming close to justifying a big cross-platform push in the near future, that’s probably not going to change.

Source: Engadget via GoNintendo

  • RG388

    “In the future” Meaning when Nintendo has already made it popular…. Always waiting for Nintendo to give the first step then take all credit for achievement!

  • Mases Hagopian

    It ‘can’, but will it? It’s an install base issue as the original article noted. I don’t think the vast majority of PS3 games will include Vita functionality… or rather, meaningful functionality. (Some will)… However, I think a much more notable percentage of games will use the GamePad for the Wii U to some extent.

    It’s kinda worthless to have a feature in a console if nobody uses it.

  • Majoras_Wrath

    They have a point but honestly this would primarily only cater to those die hard PS fans who own both systems and will buy a “PS4″. Attracting new fans would require them to buy both systems just for that experience. Of course I doubt that anyone goes into these investments solely for that convinience. Nintendo offers it with just one system, even though you can’t take it out of the house. Sony seems to be focusing more on sharing game saves between console and hand-held releases.(PSA Battle Royale for instance). With that announcement of Monster Hunter 3, it looks like Nintendo is going down that same path. The future seems interesting for gaming.

  • MrMonopoly

    I don’t know if John Koller knows this or not, but his company has not already had or used this technology. They’ve advertised they have it, but it only works on 2 of their games. It sure takes nerve to brag about this when plenty of vita owners know otherwise. I’m hoping the launch of the Wii U actually forces Sony to implement this technology on all of their games…as they lead many people to believe they would when they launched the system almost a year ago!