The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Has Over Nine Stages

For those of you who thought The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, one of the twelve Nintendo-themed attractions in Nintendo Land, Wii U’s central launch title, would amount to nothing more than a mini-game – think again. It may be “mini” in the sense that it won’t quite add up to a full retail title, but it comes with nine dungeons for you and up to three friends to scour, swords and bows in hand. After you complete those nine stages, a few tougher new ones will open up. It’s a battle-packed Zelda cooperative experience like nothing we’ve seen before!

Read on for Nintendo’s description of a couple other game modes.

First up is Time Attack Mode. It’s similar to the normal co-op mode, but moves at a much faster pace and only takes you through three stages. You’ll have to do your best to set awesome completion times for those three levels.

The other mode is Solo Mode. You can play by yourself and will have the option to use either the Wii U GamePad to wield your bow or a Wii Remote Plus to swing your sword. Without help from your friends, you’ll face a much steeper challenge.

Click here to see the newest Nintendo Land trailer, which features a clip from Zelda: Battle Quest!

Source: Zelda Dungeon