Epic Mickey 2: Riding Into Rainbow Caverns

Last week, Disney Interactive held an exclusive press preview for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two that showed off the brand-new Rainbow Caverns attraction, based on the legacy Disneyland ride “Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland.” We got a glimpse of the Rainbow Caverns in yesterday’s screenshot pack – now it’s time to explore some of the new features revealed within.

Read on to find out how you’ll be using the Wii U GamePad in Mickey’s latest epic adventure.

You probably noticed the Mount Rushmore-like statue of four of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White from yesterday’s screens. This is the heart of Rainbow Caverns, and the site of Mickey and Oswald’s mission. You’ll have to repair the paint piping system to access the next area.

One of the biggest new gameplay elements revealed here are Ink Wells. As the name suggests, these gush up Ink from Wasteland’s depths. Ink has similar properties to Paint and Thinner but works more like a power-up than a type of ammo. You can use Invisible Ink to turn transparent and avoid enemies, or Indelible Ink to slap on a protective metallic coating that shields your characters from enemy attacks and certain hazards.

Another new feature has you collecting costumes based on classic Disney characters that will give you not only a new getup but different abilities as well. You’ll also be able to snap photographs as you play that you can send to your friends via Miiverse, adding a social dimension to the game. These photos will be added to a special collection and are kind of like souvenirs of a trip to a real Disney Park.

If you remember Sketches from the last game, you can now tap icons on the GamePad to activate them directly. You’ll also get an overhead map view and better control over the camera. It’s not quite as impressive as we had hoped based on the initial features list from last month’s fact sheet, but it’s still a slight edge over the other HD versions. Unfortunately, this build didn’t feature the ability to play the game solo using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination, and it looks as though the game’s going to stay that way.

Source: Nintendo World Report