Nintendo Describes How Miiverse Can be a Hub for Competition

We’ve heard a lot about the potential for Miiverse – Nintendo’s social networking hub for Wii U and future hardware – to connect players not necessarily through direct online play, but through meta-competition, but we haven’t gotten many concrete pictures of what that might look like. The latest episode of GamerTagRadio, however, features an interview with Nintendo of America that describes a number of the major functions of Miiverse in some detail, including some specific scenarios.

Suffice to say that, having become a huge addict to New Super Mario Bros. 2‘s competitive Coin Rush features, which allow you to share high scores with people you StreetPass and challenge their records, the high score sharing sounds very similar to that framework – but it’s all based online. Read on to see what Miiverse will be like in practice.

Miiverse essentially is a social network, but designed and focused around just gaming. Where, when you were younger, when you were kids, I remember when I was a kid I would play video games a lot. In school, a lot of times what I would end up doing is, like, “Oh, I found this awesome secret in World 4″ or like, where people started finding, like, the secret pipes in new Mario Bros. or how to use the Flute in Zelda. Things like that. You’d share that frustration, where you had to find magazines or have to go talk to your friends in person.

The idea of that is taking that whole concept of where people can share that information, or your high scores, or what you’ve accomplished so far in certain games in this kind of centralized social network called Miiverse, where you’ll see different Mii characters and they’ll be gathered where the games are. Let’s say, like, Melvin for example just beat my Boost Rush Mode score, my time – he beat my time. So now I’m inspired now to get on and go “I’ve got to beat Melvin’s score” and keep pushing that way. Or you could say say “Melvin just beat World 8″ or whatever world in whatever game… I know I need to catch up to Melvin. And there’s things like that you’ll be sharing.

You can even share things, and post your own messages and… interact with each other in kind of a really enjoyable way… You also have the ability to do video chat with the GamePad, with its own camera built on top. You can video chat with anyone in the world who has another Wii U, and that’s all free, that’s all built-in to the system.

Nintendo’s rep also reiterated that Wii U will use the 3DS-style Friend Codes, which uses a single Friend Code for the entire system in terms of connecting people and playing online. And while Nintendo isn’t ready to reveal some online details including voice chat for certain games – this will be largely based on individual games and publishers – they can confirm that you’ll be able to share scores for offline games via Miiverse to compete with others for Nintendo Land as well as the aforementioned Boost Rush scores in New Super Mario Bros. U.

Source: GamerTagRadio via GoNintendo