Nintendo: Pikmin 3’s ‘Spring 2013′ Launch is Actually Still ‘By March 2013′

We overlooked something in the recent “Iwata Asks” feature about the Wii U GamePad: it turns out a footnote listed Pikmin 3 for “Spring 2013″ instead of the already-announced “March 2013″ release month. Well, I actually overlooked it because I didn’t think Nintendo intentionally meant to push back the date – “spring” is technically the period from April to June, but historically video game launches have labeled March game releases as spring releases. I guess I just thought nothing of it.

Turns out that was the right policy. Nintendo has clarified the issue with an update to the footnote. Hop inside to read their official statement on the fate of Pikmin 3.

Pikmin 3 is scheduled for release for the Wii U console in the spring of 2013 in Japan, and during the Wii U launch window, from system release thru 3/31/2013 in the US. (Editor’s note 10/19/2012: We originally published the article citing only the expected release timing in Japan. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.)

Okay, so their policy is actually more like “Spring 2013 for Japan; before the end of March for America.” But come on – do you really think Pikmin will come out in the States that long before it hits Japan?

Source: Iwata Asks at Nintendo