Nintendo Rep Seemingly Recommits to GameCube Games on Wii U Virtual Console

We’ve heard some back-and-forth comments about whether Wii U would support backward compatibility with GameCube via the Virtual Console download and emulation service. First, Nintendo reps said it’d be among the software supported when Wii U was first announced back in 2011; then, Reggie Fils-Aime denied that Nintendo had confirmed anything regarding GameCube plans; then, Retro Gamer magazine said they definitely are coming. Now, we have a representative from Nintendo of Canada, Matt Ryan, affirming the original statement made in 2011.

Want to see the proof for yourself? Hop inside for the direct quote.

Mario’s Hat: Can you elaborate any on what Reggie has said about there being GameCube on Virtual Console?

Well, if you remember when we first announced Virtual Console, we committed and talked about GameCube games being available. It was in the gamut of all the other systems we said it supported, and that’s all I have to say about that right now.

Note: the fact that he doesn’t confirm when they’ll become available could mean that they won’t ever actually show up, but he seems to be suggesting that they said GameCube games could be available, so they can’t take that statement back. Hopefully Nintendo will clear up this matter in a Nintendo Direct presentation soon.

Source: Mario’s Hat