If Your Wii U Has Trouble Connecting to the Internet, You May Need to Enter Settings Manually

So I finally turned on my Wii U about two hours ago. GamePad works well, setting up systems takes awhile but is a snap. I was almost ready to start getting to the initial system update to unlock Miiverse, the eShop, Wii transfer, and so on, when the unthinkable happened – my Wii U wouldn’t connect to the Internet. It’d recognize my network, it’d recognize the system password… but it just couldn’t complete the connection.

If you’re having this problem, which would of course prevent you from accessing a number of the system’s core features, you likely just need to enter in your IP and DNS settings manually. If you need help, give Nintendo Customer Service a call! I’ll bring you more impressions of the system once I complete the system update and get into the games and features.

Find out the steps I had to take after the break.

1. Go into connection types and hit select the “manual configuration” option.
2. Input your network’s SSID and its correct security type (WEP, WPA, etc.) and enter your network password. Double-check to make sure it is correct.
3. Look up your IP address and DNS settings by using the “Run” tool (Windows 7), typing in “cmd,” and then typing in “ipconfig.”
4. Under your connection settings, choose IP settings and disable the automatic detection feature. You’ll then be able to enter in your IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway numbers. When entering in your IP address, make sure to include the decimal points, and add 10 to the last number (e.g. “″ will be “″). Enter the subnet mask and default gateway numbers exactly as they appear in your cmd prompt.
5. After you have finished entering in IP information, enter in your DNS information. For the primary server, enter “” For the secondary server, enter “”
6. Make sure you’re not using a proxy and leave the MTU setting at its default setting.

If you need to use a different solution than the one I described above to get your Wii U connected, leave a comment so we can spread the word!

  • ………

    Im trying to do the System Update, but my internet is too slow… :(

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  • calvin

    i have comcast wireless internet and tried this and it did not work please help, dawkins151@gmail.com

  • Flaming Lemons

    Same problem!
    THANK YOU! :’D
    I wonder why this is happening?

  • Michael T.

    Same problem too!!! Please help me HOW!?!!

  • Min

    Thank you so much!

  • Milo

    I have a very simular problem, my internet works fine with every thing, however, when trying to perform a system transfer, it can’t connect to the server, giving me error codes 209600 & 204965. Anyone got any advice or knowledge that could possibly help?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Juampi.Maverick Juan Pablo Castillo

    Hi i got the same problem.
    However, i did the exact same steps and still it didn’t work
    the same error code or instead of 1002 it was 1001 what should i do?
    my mail is jpcastillo86@gmail.com

  • Heaven_76

    It worked for me.

    If i did take for example. Did not work.

    But when i pick 192.168.11 it worked.

    So i guess must be

  • Heaven_76

    It worked for me.

    If i did take for example. Did not work.

    But when i pick it worked.

    So i guess must be

    • Marvin Mallari

      The “.11″ part is key! Glad you commented this

  • Thanks

    this worked for us, thank you so much for sharing. You are a life saver

  • jmtcnt16

    I’ve tried all that, but still no luck. I’ve got a timewarner ubee router. Wii u connects to it, but then fails to connect to the internet. Any other suggestions?

  • Meg

    I love you! I’d been trying to hook it up for weeks, thanks a million :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/DavidGray01 David Gray

    Ok so, if you’ve tried all of the above, and nothing works.
    last ditch effort is to go into your router settings, and go to the MAC filtering tab, and make sure the Wii U’s MAC number isn’t filtered.
    On my Router it was giving me a message that the Wii U was an unknown/unrecognized device. I had to manually enter a IP address to permanently associate with the Wii u’s MAC ID, or else my router kept blocking it, even with “allow all” settings.
    I have a Netgear CG3000D

  • The 7th

    Whatever I do, nothing works. Please someone help me, i am begging you.

  • rb

    thank you for this post! Finally works after hours with Nintendo support, scouring the internet and just trial and error. magic wii combo= manual setup ip = subnet = default gateway = primary dns secondary dns mtu=1500