Reminder: You Don’t Need to Connect to the Internet to Play Wii U Games

If you have a Wii U but either don’t have an Internet connection or can’t connect to perform the system update: don’t fret! You can still play your Wii U games without ever hooking the system up online. In a recent GameSpot interview, Bill Trinen emphasized that while you don’t actually need to use the Internet to play Wii U, the majority of the system’s core features, including Miiverse, Nintendo eShop, the Internet Browser, and Nintendo TVii, are heavily network-based.

Hop inside to check out his full comments on the relationship between Wii U and the Internet.

First and foremost, Wii U is a system that you can play games on if you do not have an Internet connection. But really, to enjoy all the features of the Wii U, the majority of those features are network-based features. Whether it is Miiverse–obviously you can’t exchange messages without a network connection. Nintendo TVii and apps also both rely on network connections, as does the eShop. So if you’re buying the system and you want to play games without connecting it to the Internet, you can certainly do that.

Having toyed around a bit with most of the network features, I can safely say that you really are missing out on a lot of the system’s unique potential if you never connect it to the Internet. However, if you’re just in it to play games, I can definitely agree that it might be better to keep your system offline.

Source: GameSpot