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Cliffy B Talks Life After Epic, New Game Idea

After his sudden and unexpected departure from Epic Games, Cliffy B took to a life of relaxation for a few weeks. Turns out working 20 years in the gaming industry can really tire you out. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t too long before the phones started ringing, and the famed video game creator began weighing his options for the future.

Not wanting to be known only as the guy who came up with the chainsaw gun (making my choice of a featured image for this article a no-brainer) Cliffy is looking to redefine his legacy and work on something fresh and new. In fact, he says it’s no longer a question of if, but rather when he will form a new development studio. Not only that, but Cliffy’s already got a new IP in mind, and he’s codenamed it after a Transformer. Hit the jump to catch his full interview with G4TV.