Nintendo Direct: Fire Emblem Awakening Finally Launches in NA on Feb 4

This morning’s Nintendo Direct finally revealed a North American release date for 3DS tactical RPG Fire Emblem Awakening: February 4.

The game’s story begins in the land of Ilis, where Lord Chrom, leader of the Shepherd solider force, defends his realm from bandits. He’s joined by a cast of unique fighters, each with their own strengths, relationships, and so on. Eventually they encounter a warrior claiming to be the legendary Lord Marth. The game will feature 3D rendered animated movies to advance the story.

Aligning characters on the battlefield lets them fight and grow together. You can also forge weapons for an unprecedented level of customization.

RPG fans have been waiting for this game for a long time, and we’ll be looking forward to giving it a look over next year.

Watch the Nintendo Direct Presentation by clicking here.

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