PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Offers Two New Characters, One New Stage

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale hasn’t even been on the market for a full month yet, and already Sony’s planning additional DLC characters and stages. The first round consists of two new characters – Emmett Graves from this year’s Starhawk and Kat from Vita’s Gravity Rush – and one new stage – a hybridized Heavenly Sword + Wipeout level. I’m personally a huge fan of the whole “melding multiple game worlds together” thing this game has got going on.

So far there’s no real release schedule or price point for the additional stuff, but the team did share some insight into why they made these choices – as well as some screenshots – that you can catch after the break.

According to director Omar Kendall, Kat was chosen not only as the number-one fan request among first-party characters, but also because she fit the bill in terms of unique and interesting play-styles. She tends to use her gravity-based abilities to move around the stage in a kind of floaty way and is good at fighting from a distance. Emmett, on the other hand, combines heavy-handed melee attacks with massive weapon-based abilities, fitting a very different character niche.

As for the hybrid level, the integration of Wipeout is as a track zooming around the stage. At certain points in the stage’s progression, Wipeout racers will rush past, potentially damaging your character. The idea to integrate it with a Heavenly Sword themed level had more to do with a love letter to Sony fans than anything else, however:

We think about PlayStation history, the moment when Heavenly Sword is announced and you’re seeing this crazy character fighting dozens and dozens of enemies, capitalizing on that memory was important for us.

Here’s a preview of the new characters and level:

Source: Joystiq