Analyst Calls Wii U Launch “Slightly Disappointing”

Wii U opened to over 400,000 sales in its first week in North America. A few weeks later, it sold comfortably over 300,000 units in Japan, and by now, Wii U has sold over two million units worldwide. In the software department, it has two million-sellers in the form of Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. All told, it’s been a pretty good run so far.

But in terms of expectations, it’s still somewhat behind. Arvind Bhatia, analyst for Sterne Agee, says that the Wii U launch was “slightly disappointing” due to low software tie ratios and abundant hardware availability at games retailer GameStop. Wii had an average tie ratio of three games per system owner at launch, while Wii U currently sits at about 1.2 games per system. Wii U would have to achieve the same attach rate as Wii by the end of the fiscal year for Nintendo’s software sales predictions to come true.

Source: GameSpot via GoNintendo