Famitsu Poll: 64% of Japanese Gamers Plan to Buy Vita in 2013

According to The Magic Box International, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently wrapped up a poll in which they asked gamers what systems they planned to buy in 2013. While these numbers are just based on future plans and allow for multiple choices, it’s noteworthy that the Vita took first place with a whopping 64% of voters expressing interest in buying the system this year.

The percentages shouldn’t be taken as literal representatives of what we can expect for sales, as the total combined number implies that the average Japanese gamer will purchase an average of two and a half systems this year. The fact that voters were allowed to choose multiple options likely led to bloated estimates, but it’s definitely noteworthy that the Vita took the top spot, edging out the 3DS.

  • 1: PS Vita – 64.0%
  • 2: 3DS – 48.2%
  • 3: Wii U – 33.8%
  • 4: PS3 – 25.2%
  • 5: PC – 14.4%
  • 6: Xbox 360 – 10.6%
  • 7: Smartphone – 10.0%
  • 8: PSP – 9.6%
  • 9: Wii – 9.0%
  • 10: iPad – 7.0%
  • 11: DSi/DSiLL – 5.2%
  • 12: iPhone – 5.0%
  • 13: iPod Touch – 4.0%
  • 14: Other – 2.4%

Thus far, the Vita has been consistently trumped by the 3DS in weekly sales, but if this poll is accurate, things may start looking up for Sony’s handheld as 2013 progresses.

Source: The Magic Box

  • …….

    Is this a joke?

  • Primus

    Yea, i mean most of those gamers probably already have the 3DS but not the Vita yet!

    • Majoras_Wrath

      That would be my case. I love my 3ds but I would also love to have a Vita and am going to try to buy it this year. I too believe that most of the people who voted already have a 3ds. Combined with PS+ its a great buy even though the price isn’t too appealing.

  • zdog

    I believe it. Vita is a great piece of equipment, and given the right software I think it still has a lot of fight left in it.

  • stealth

    must be a typo

    • Erimgard

      I doubt Famitsu would let a mistake that big slip through.